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Hatunda Rata Mahabir Temple

The Hatundi Rata Mahabir temple is a stunning pink and white structure devoted to the 24th and last Jain saint Mahavira. The existing parts of the temple is built in pink shade and the whole structure is fit as a shape of the Pyramids of Egypt. There are staircases located on each one end of the sanctuary. This staircase goes up to the main dome which has three galleries. As of late, six domes were added to the structure of the sanctuary. These have been built fit as a shape of sharp turrets indicating towards the sky. Visitors can see the sculpture of Mahavira in the internal sanctum of the temple.

hatunda rata mahabir temple

Bangur Museum

Bangur Museum is famous historical center in Pali city which was named after Mr. Bangur Juar. Bangur Museum is located near the old Bus stand of Pali and displays an uncommon gathering of old, chronicled and lovely artistic things, for example, outfits, coins, and arms. Bangur Museum is separated into distinctive segments depending on the things they contain. Ancient Section is the first segment, Archeological Section is second and Numismatics and Epigraphic (Copper-plate) Section is the third area in the museum.

bangur museum

Surya Narayan Temple

Surya Narayana Temple was developed in the fifteenth century. The sanctuary has an extraordinary building design which attracts many tourists. Visitors can see various friezes of Lord Surya inside the temple. One of the friezes depicts the god riding his chariot, drawn by seven stallions. It follows a circular plan and has numerous projections. The temple has a tower over the altar.

surya narayan temple

Somnath Mahadev ji Temple

Somnath Temple is situated in the main market of Pali. This sanctum is popular for its shilp craftsmanship and its rich history. Visitors can see unpredictable carvings on the Shikar and zenith of the temple. This shrine was built by the King of Gujrat, Kumarpal Solanki in the year 1209. There is Shivling inside the shrine along with the idol of Parvati, Ganesha, and Nandi. Raj Kumar Pal Solanki brought this Shiva Linga from the Saurashtra region in Gujarat.

somnath temple

Jawai Dam

Jawai Dam is situated in Sumerpur of Pali District. It was built during the first half of the 20th century, The dam was built by Maharaja Umaid Singh of Jodhpur, work started on this dam from 12th May 1946 and it got completed in 1957. Total expenditure was Rupees 2 crore 7 Lakhs. This village covers an area of 500 sq km. It is set amid the scenic surroundings of rocky hills. One of the biggest dams in Rajasthan, Jawai forms the main water supply source of Pali and Jodhpur districts.

jawai dam
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