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mount abu

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Mount Abu

Dilwara Jain Temple

Dilwara Jain Temples is one of the finest Jain temple known world over for its extraordinary architecture and marvelous marble stone carvings. These temples were built between eleventh to thirteenth century AD, The delightful rich green hills encompassing the temple gives an extremely charming feeling. Dilwara Temple comprise of five real sections or temples committed to five jain saints that is Shri Mahaveer Swami Temple, Shri AdiNath Temple or Vimal Vasahi Temple, Shri ParshavNath Temple or Khartar Vasahi Temple, Shri Rishabdaoji Temple or Peethalhar Temple, Shri NemiNathJi Temple or Luna Vasahi Temple.

dilwara jain temple

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

The Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most oldest parts of the Mount Abu mountain ranges. The Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is home to numerous touring focuses offering phenomenal perspectives. Numerous individuals visit the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary only for the touring and perspectives, yet most visit The Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary for the animals and birds. The Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is about 7 kilometers in length and 300 meters wide. This implies that while you bring the long stroll down The Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary you won't miss much on either side.

mount abu wildlife sanctuary

Gaumukh Temple

The Gaumukh Temple is famous for religious pilgrimages and meditation. The cow is considered a sacred animal by those who make religious pilgrimages to the Gaumukh Temple and nearby the temple you will find a spring that is believed to have emerged from the mouth of a rock that is shaped similar to a cows head. The Gaumukh Temple was built in its location as a dedication to Saint Vashishth. It is believed that Saint Vashishth performed a yagna there that created the four major Rajput factions. There is also a tank that you should visit- the Agni Kund. The Agni Kund is believed to be the site of a sacrificial flame which Saint Vashishth used to perform the yagni from which the four factions were born.

gaumukh temple

Guru Shikhar

Gurushikhar holds the honor of being the most highest peak of Mount Abu as well as the entire of Aravali mountain extent, Situated at a height of 1722 meters from the ocean-level, Gurushikar gives an amazing surrounding perspective of Mount Abu town and green aravali range. On the off chance that you are going through the excellent Mount Abu area in Rajasthan, you ought to guarantee that you visit Guru Shikhar for postcard picture quality perspectives of the town of Mount Abu and the Aravali Range, Guru Shikhar is additionally home to numerous delightful and memorable temples.

guru shikhar

Nakki Lake

Nakki Lake the fanciful lake with an exceptionally fascinating story behind its creation is the heart of Mount Abu, the legend has it that this lake was dugg by Gods or Devtas utilizing their nails or nakh that is the reason the name Nakki Lake - few areas of nearby tribes additionally consider Nakki Lake as a sacred lake and love it, Nakki lake is likewise the main Indian artificial lake arranged at a stature of 1200 meters above ocean level. As of late in 2006-2007 Nakki lake was allowed an immense financial support for its protection around eight different lakes in India.

nakki lake

Sunset Point

Sunset Point placed in South West of Nakki Lake gives you a grand perspective of the setting sun. Several individuals swarm this territory in the evening amidst a carnival atmosphere. Food stalls, souvenir shops flourishes the region. The grand slopes, serene encompassing, and the pleasant atmosphere makes it a most loved spot of the sightseers. The Honeymoon Point placed close by is an alternate fascination of Mount Abu. Sunset Point is a great spot to get trinkets and knickknacks. Cut marble statues, sandalwood icons, wooden toys and the preferences could be seen everywhere throughout the spot. Sustenance stalls are a normal here.

sunset point
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