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Chand Baoli

Chand Baoli(Baoli means step well), with flights of steps on three sides is an antiquated tank or a step well, as aged as eleventh century, close to the Harshat Mata Temple. These baolis are compositional wonders and aged landmarks, with lots of carvings inside the tank. The steps are in the states of inverted V and they are in sets of 4 or 5 steps. The alluring cut stone pillars, once solid enough for supporting pulleys to draw water, are in a harmed state now. A few storied verandahs encompass this excellent Chand Baoli.

chand baoli

Fort Madhogarh

Fort Madhogarh was built by a Rajput king of the Kachchvaha Clan, Madho Singh. According to the legends, this fort was the headquarters of Sawai Pratap Singh of Jaipur during the battle of Tunga. Battle between the Rajputs and the Marathas was fought in the fields of Tunga, pretty much 1 Km from Madhogarh, on 28th July 1787. The fight began at 9 am and kept up till about one hour after sunset. The joined Rajput army of Jaipur and Jodhpur was something like 50,000 string while the Maratha army was bigger, with about 80,000 soldier. Fort Madhogarh is presently turned into a heritage hotel for visitors.

fort madhogarh

Harshat Mata Temple

Harshat Mata Temple was built in the period between the eighth and the ninth century. This temple was dedicated to Lord Vishnu, however sanctum is beautified by a picture of four arm harasiddhi referred to as Harshat Mata distinguished as Devi Parwati. The temple has amazing architecture and it belongs to the medieval period. This temple showcases the Mahameru style of architecture and is based on a double terraced stage. The sanctum and the cell additionally called Mandap is circular based modeler where the external walls includes the brahmans bahdra corners of god which cut pictures.

harshat mata temple
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